Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Finding My Voice (Again)

As often happens, my posting to this blog has been sporadic. I am not making excuses for this - it is just the way things happen. As the weeks and months pass by, I find that not having expressed myself 'publicly', albeit to a limited audience, leaves me feeling slightly mute and that, in turn, breeds a sense of frustration. It's as if I am denying myself the freedom to speak.
I'm not saying necessarily that I have much to say at the moment but I just wanted to break out, find my voice again and say "Boo!!!" to the world, and to myself.
Quite a few significant changes have occurred since my last post, not least of which is that I have now left work.
I retired a few weeks ago and although I loved my job, every Monday morning is now a source of constant joy that I don't have the accustomed Monday morning haul into work on the train! I actually quite enjoy reading people tweeting their weekly misery!
So now I am less inclined to define myself by my job and I now have the opportunity to just be 'me'.
Retirement is a major life event and rather than just drifting into it in a somnambulistic way, I want to consider it properly and examine the opportunities it offers in a way that will be rewarding and satisfying as well as helping me to rediscover and work with the redefined 'me'.
I am sure I will be cogitating on this in future posts, but one of the things I am sure of is that a fundamental part of this process will be about finding my voice again.

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