Saturday, 18 December 2010

Blogger gets Mobile Templates

The announcement yesterday that Blogger has implemented mobile templates may not seem like much in the diverse blogosphere but for me it is HUGE. When I set off blogging as Wobbly Virtue I was just tinkering and also had a Wobbly Virtue blog on Wordpress. I ended up consolidating that blog with this one and deleted the Wordpress blog. In doing so,  I ignored all the warnings that I would never again be able to have a Wordpress blog of that name. I just thought that I would never need to and deleting it would be the best way to avoid confusion with search engines etc.

More recently I have found I am relying on my iPhone more and more and indeed was forced to so so after moving house due to Sky taking so long to sort out our Internet access.

It was only then that I started visiting other blogs on my iPhone.  I soon realised that Wordpress blogs automatically detect if they are being viewed on a mobile and are then formatted so they are legible.

In the meantime I decided I was going to stick with 'Wobbly Virtue' so bought the domain name (who else would want such a random name?).  I then  linked it to my  Blogspot blog.

I started to get quite annoyed that my blog wasn't 'mobile friendly' so investigated with Wordpress whether I could get my old blog name back. It wasn't. I then started thinking about hosted packages where I could pretty much do what I want. That would have meant unhooking my domain name from Blogger, transferring the blog content to a new blogging platform as well as paying for hosting (Blogger has the advantage of providing free hosting and has now stopped its use as a platform for FTP uploading as that was the source of most of their problems).

None of this is impossible, of course,  but it just takes a bit of time and effort. I have been so busy recently that time has been a scarce commodity being a as I incline towards laziness, any additional effort always has to be summoned up through motivation. The only motivation here was to make this blog mobile-friendly which Blogger has done for me as of yesterday. Yay!

So for now I'll stick with Blogger. Who knows, when I have a bit more time on my hands I might start experimenting with changing formats, hosted packages, Ruby on Rails etc. But for now I'm a happy bunny and I can just keep on doing what I have been doing up to now in the knowledge that these ramblings can be read more easily on a mobile.

Having said that, from the dearth of comments, I'm not entirely convinced that many people do actually read it!

But no matter, it keeps me entertained and I do find blogging quite therapeutic and relaxing.

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