Tuesday, 18 May 2010

First Full Day

I feel quite pleased with my little (?) self today.  I am starting a period of phased return to full-time work.  Last week I went in for three afternoons and I have an agreed timetable for the next few weeks.  I have to be a bit flexible about it, of course, as I need to fit in with other people's availability and meetings and so on.

Today I had decided to complete a full day's work including travelling to and from work on the hurly-burly of the bus and metro networks.  For my three afternoons last week Gladys kindly drove me there and collected me so that I didn't have the additional stress of the journey, which takes about forty minutes each way.  In case that conjures up a mental image of me swishing along in a chauffeur-driven limo I should burst that illusion by saying that the car is an Aygo which Gladys loves due to its small size and responsiveness.  In practical terms this means whizzing round corners and bends as fast as possible to achieve maximum g-force, foot straight to the floor when accelerating and also when stopping.  None of this namby-pamby shuffling 10 to 2 hand position on the steering wheel, just two hands on and whizz it around.  This is usually accompanied by expletives about other road-users and their driving capabilities. So I am grateful for the lifts but they do sometimes feel like dodgem rides.

One of the advantages of travelling on the metro, on a sunny day anyway, is that I can take a shortcut  through the public park next to where I work, shown here.

This is my final pause for peaceful reflection before I reach the place of chaos.

In the afternoon I attended a regular meeting which normally lasts four hours.  Today was no exception.  I usually say that meetings should be as brief as possible but this is just one of those processing meetings where we have to go through, discuss and approve schedules i.e. an administrative necessity.

It was during this meeting and other of a similar ilk that I used to sometimes have the feeling that I was physically and mentally present but a part of me was 'somewhere else'. A most peculiar feeling which I had put down to the boring nature of the subject matter, tiredness, room temperature or some other factor.  I used to be able to tell when I was slipping into one of these brief episodes but really didn't think too much about it at the time. I did on one occasion have to pull off the road with similar sensations after a large (alcohol-free) Sunday lunch which I put down to having eaten too much but it was nothing to worry about and my performance didn't seem to be affected.

As a result of my diagnosis and discussions with the Consultants I realise, now, that I was actually having petit mal seizures due to the glioma.  I have been prescribed medication to control them and, of course had radiotherapy. These episodes have now stopped entirely, even if the meetings are equally as tedious!

So today I have allowed myself a little self-congratulatory pat on the back for another milestone achieved.

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